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Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Work Experience

Got Some time to be active on my blog after a long time. Thought of noting down all the experiences which I gained so far. So here goes the list................
  1. National Service Scheme : I used to NSS volunteer at my college days. The activities which we carried out was like awareness about the smoking, drugs, HIV, malayria. To help the people during Polio campaigns. Did plantation at college campus to make it green.
  2. BHUMI : The organisation which gave a social shape to my career. I participated in various events organised by Bhumi like sanitation drive at OGH, hyderabad, blood donation camp and I dare not to forget Freedom Under Construction in 2006.
  3. YFE(Youth For Equality) : Then came the season of rallies, posters, meetings, police escaping. Anti-reservation flame caught the complete country and joining YFE was worth at the time. During YFE, got some pan friends who all have "Keeda" in them to do something all the time. I can not forget the night when we were pasting the posters in Hi-tech and trying to hide from police at the same time.
  4. Social Cause : Met Sri over the YFE meeting and got one more thing to support. Social cause id the org which work to educate(intellectual) the people about the current affairs in our country. Bomb blast at old hyderabad shook the complete city, Social cause was there to calm it. Organised a blood donation camp at HCL hyderabad with Social Cause.
  5. CSC at HCL : HCL started CSR in 2007 and the elections were held at the all the premises of HCL. I won the election at HCL CSC Hyderabad, that gave me confidence to win the indian elections.
  6. AID Seattle : Moved to Redmond(Bill Gate's head quarter) about 2 years. Came in contact with AID seattle team and was lucky to see face to face the person(Ravi) who is the inspiration behind movie "Swadesh". AID seattle team is collection of intellectuals, very brilliant team I have ever seen. All the decisions come out of brilliant mind, how to get overseas support for India. Participated few of the fund raising activities over there.
  7. Asha Seattle : From Asha, I came to know about a very new concept, marathon for the society. They run for the society.
  8. Ekal Seattle : Everytime when it is 15th august or 26th january, The "Keeda" inside me starts jumping. and that too happened on 15th august 2009. I planned to exhibit all the organisations(As i can find) which are doing something good. My target behind the exhibition was to make people aware about them. I was looking for someone who can provide me space for that. Ekal was planning to have ekal walk on the same day, and we worked together to make this exhibition happen. Ekal vidhyalaya is excellent program I have seen in the field of education.
  9. Room to Read : I read the book from John Wood "Leaving Microsoft to Change The World" which inspires me the most to leave HCL to do something :). I joined RTR seattle chapter and it was great experience to have RTR seattle chapter meeting at starbucks conference room at Barnes and Noble, Bellevue. How to make an ocean out of droplet, one can learn from RTR.
  10. The Holy Wives : The Movie which helped to show to my kid that I did something for the community. Still trying to raise the voice against this henious crime, please, support us.
  11. Rang De : It was my life. I was excited about Microfinance when i read it about in Bill Clinton's book "Giving". I started giving microloans to poor people from various countries, though India was not part of them. Rang De replicated the Kiva concept and we all moved to Rang De. While I say, "We", it means 125 people who are with me to provide these microloans every month. Rang De India!!!!!!!!!!!.
  12. FTI : Whenever we talk about something in India and if that is bad, we all reach to politics. I joined FTI to fight election in coming future. I am prepairing for that so that we can improve the thing which people are most afraid of.
  13. AAP : Then came the movement which took the power of common men collectively to fight against corruption in India. Worked on various project for Delhi election and I was taking care of AAP National helpline
  14. CERT : This was a great learning experience about how Community Emergency Response Team, USA works for the communities in tough time. I always wanted to part of national corps and this was the opportunity. 
I hope, there would be a long list of these work ex. Will keep updating.