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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I came to post this new one when i was going through Shiv Khera's Freedom is not Free. In this paragraph he is describing how corruption has caught the country in its paws. He says that we are living in a nation where broken father,who lost his son for his country, is told by corrupt officials, " Rashtra ko diya,lekin hamein kya diya " when he went to get a petrol pump sanctioned to him. All indian( as i think)have seen the same in movie "Rang de Basanti" that how a mother suffered to prove that her son has done work the country?
MiG series has proved itself as a flying coffin.To work upon it, is the same as putting ur head below the hammer.Till today there are 320 crashes of MiG's with 160 pilots and 40 civilians being killed.These crashes cost the nation around Rs. 1800 crore and more over it the lives of true indians.Several families have lost theis owns.It is said many times that pilots are not enough experienced to control this coffin then why they are commanded to do this.
So Indian Govt. should take suitable steps to stop such incidents so that we don't lose our young pilots anymore.and all indian should pay heed to the corruption which is spreading its demon hands very vigorously in our country(INDIA).Its not like that we can not control it now,because Singapore and U.K. have diminished it by the effort of its countrymen.

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