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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

there are 2 kinds of patriots...
1. seasonal
2. permanent

1. seasonals say ill do as much as i can in my limit. i will give this
much. ill do that much. but cant go beyond this one.

2. parmenants doesnt know any limit. did bhagat singh set limit line
for himself? had he and other freedom fighters set limitline for
themselves would we have got freedom?

freedom movement is fought by few upright, determined ppl. it was
never fought by masses. by seeing these upright determined ppl those
with bend spine gets kick and they stand straight... otherwise they
are bended... handful of steadfast ppl move the masses...

there 2 kinds of traitors
1. active
2. passives

1. active: who sell thier motherland in open. i.e. you can see it in
2. passive: who see that happening and does nothing...

1 comment:

ketki said...

nice post!
bhagat singh was a legend i mean he was just patriotism personified!
we all should try to inculcate atleast some of his virtues!
and yes i m a permanent patriot!